For anybody looking to sell online, whether it be on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, sales funnels or your own E-commerce website, it is essential to know that the quality (or lack of quality) of your images can make or break your sales.

Customers online don’t get a chance to hold your product, so relying on professionally shot and edited product photos is guaranteed to help increase sales for any online sales channel and/or website. Not only are images held to a high standard when used to up sales, but certain marketing channels such as Amazon requires you the merchant to only add professionally shot images on white backgrounds. Thrive Product Studio is a preferred Amazon product photography service which has been helping customers with professional product photography and editing services since 2017. They offer in-house services, allowing the end user to mail or ship their product to the studio, have their images shot and edited, then all final image files are sent back to the customer via Dropbox within 6 days or less. Thrive Product Studio also offers lifestyle photography packages for customers needing “in the field” images of their product being used, held, or worn by a person.

Photography for images online is definitely something not to skimp on when you’re creating your new E-commerce business.