Every home needs a piece that allows conversation and family to freely happen. But many dining tables today cause more grief than enjoyment!

Dents and dings are the result of cheap materials. Coffee rings happen from cheap finishes. And even still, many dining tables are poorly designed to allow for true conversation to happen.

A custom wood dining table should support your vision and your dreams being in the most important part of your home. It should be the one piece you want to serve your guests at.

A well thought out and planned dining table can also stand the test of time as designs come and go and as dads disappear.

The best dining tables can simultaneously support food, work, and play. This type of dining table pulls design and function from award winning practices that have stood the test of time and have delighted people for ages.

We utilize tried and true design practices with dimensions that are built around golden ratios and enjoyable proportions. When you sit at your dining table designed and built by us at Mahogany House Woodworks, you’ll want to invite everyone over.

Throughout our design process we will take into consideration things sunlight, wear, intended function, outdoor or indoor, and even your current surrounding decor.

Communication and direction, from you, is also key. We update you on shipping times and costs as well as pictures throughout the design process so you can get a glimpse into the story you’re having us be a part of.

We are aiming to build you a dining table you’ll want to pass down to generations. A table your kids and future generations would be glad to own.

We produce dining tables at the highest quality available and make no qualms about taking on a Your project from start to finish.

Whether your looking for a modern design, a rustic feel, or a traditional style, we have you covered with the knowledge and skill to get your custom dining table built.

We are honored to be a part of your home. A part of your family. And a part of your heritage.

Visit our line of custom wood dining tables via our sub-brand, Dining Table King. 


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