floating shelves boise

The traditional shelf hasn’t changed its form factor.

The traditional shelf offers horizontal real estate that can be used as storage or display. They’re convenient and versatile as well, with the quintessential shelf finding its way in commercial, residential, and home settings. It is raised off the ground and is supported by brackets. However, there is a premium on floor space, with floating shelves combining utility with form.

Benefits of Custom Floating Shelves

True to their name, floating shelves impart the illusion of being suspended in the air, sans visible sign of support. With tradition shelves, the bracket system can be obvious to the naked eye. With a floating shelf, there are no brackets systems in place. Many homes choose to incorporate floating shelves because they are functional, while aesthetically pleasing.

Several benefits are unique to floating shelves which include:


  • A more polished look. The look of a shelve with no visible support looked less cluttered and manufactured as it juts from the wall. They take up less space on your wall and can contribute to the room’s decor.
  • Light and almost ethereal. The space around your floating shelves will look more distinctive versus traditional shelves. The solution makes it look like it doesn’t take a lot of space, which is ideal with today’s square footage.
  • Less space required. If you have a small corner the looks barren but you did not want to occupy the space then a floating shelf can be a perfect illusion. Less space is required and they take up zero floor space.
  • Installed anywhere. Floating shelves are sometimes in high traffic areas in the home – the floating illusion is a great conversation starter. However, they can be placed anywhere even in the kitchen or the garage.
  • Easy to install, yet strong. Floating shelves requires a drill to secure the shelving onto the wall and a leveler to ensure accuracy. Even though a bracket system is used to secure and stabilize the floating shelf, they are installed under the shelf and against the wall, creating a floating shelf that essentially locks into place. The floating shelves are built to withstand over 400 pounds. It’s relatively easy with simple tools that you probably have in your home.

Custom Floating Shelves

Just because you want to take advantage of floating shelves does not mean that you need to ignore the aesthetic of the room. Even though many ready-made shelves make it easier to pick and choose the right decor for your room, custom shelving will give you the ultimate in realizing youre unique preferences.

With custom floating shelves, you can choose the color, the materials used in its Manufacturing, how it is designed so it could amplify the aesthetic of the room, as well as its trimming.

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