Any bookcase in your home needs to tackle 2 things – great use of storage space and look well with your things on display.

When we make bookshelves, we usually incorporate a third of the bookcase for display items. This allows the bookshelf to stand in any room in your home with your life and style on display.
Many bookshelves are too narrow in depth. Others are built with something closely resembling cardboard but at the cost of real wood. And other bookshelves end up falling apart the first time you try to move it! Terrible! It’s time to end the legacy of poorly built bookshelves.

We have built bookshelves that primarily reside in a home office where they are storing items like printers and computers. It is important to have a custom bookshelf that not only looks great but doesn’t end up looking cluttered once you have all your things on it. This balance requires diligent planning and consideration of other pieces around it as well as its primary function.

A bookshelf thats custom built for a home office versus a bookshelf thats custom built for a living or formal dining room will end up with very different considerations.

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Let’s get the conversation going and you’ll be surprised how affordable it actually is to get a custom piece built around you and your needs. And you’ll be extremely satisfied with how long it will last!