One of the most often overlooked pieces in your kitchen is your cutting board! The staple of any kitchen, large or small, is the surface you’re cutting on. So don’t skimp on this!

We make all sort of cutting boards and butcher blocks large and small. Whatever your need is and whatever design flare you’re after, at Mahogany House Woodworks, we’ve got you covered.

Some factors worth considering for your new cutting board or butcher block:


Wood End grain or face grain

Wood, like walnut, is warm and inviting when in a kitchen space. This type of material is great if you plan on keeping your board out in the open on display. Wood, like maple, is great for strength and durability and will tend to not move or warp over time. Maple is a great staple for any cutting board.

End grain cutting boards, more commonly known as butcher blocks, will last you a lifetime under any sort of workload. These are commonly found in commercial kitchens and a staple for any professional chef or caterer. End grain boards are “self-healing” and really help with knife work as you’re cutting into the grain versus against it.

They are an investment so plan on customizing it to fit your space and needs.

Face grain boards are a great for your space because they outlast any plastic or composite material. They are also more sanitary than plastic cutting boards.

At Mahogany House Woodworks we can build you cutting boards for any occasion or need. We have done work for many restaurants across the country with our best in class butcher blocks.
Cut anything but corners off one of our superior cutting boards!