When buying a gift for that special event or that special someone, custom engraving can be a great touch.

Custom engraving adds that special thought and makes any cutting board a really unique and one of a kind gift.

Custom engraving logo for a cutting board

Custom engraving for a custom wood cutting board

We specialize in custom engraving for custom cutting boards.

Reasons to add custom engraving to your order:

  • Wedding gifts
  • Corporate parties
  • Company logo
  • Custom family Signs
  • Special thank you
  • Anniversary milestone
  • Special notes for a newborn baby

Some ideas for custom engraving:

  1. Include the name of the recipient. This can be for a wedding- most of the time, the last name is a great way to add custom engraving and really make your gift stand out from the rest.
  2. Think of a special note or word of encouragement. Sentimental pieces are the best thing to customize because there is nothing else like it!
Laser engraved African baobab tree

Laser engraved African Baobab tree

  • This was a special project that we custom engraved. This was a gift for a queen in Africa! This specific tree was chosen for the custom laser engraving because it is an iconic tree throughout her particular country.
  • Custom engraving adds about 1-3 days to overall build of the project, which in many cases we can quote that information up front. So plan ahead when considering custom engraving for any cutting board or other woodworking project.
  • Our custom engraving is done with a precise laser machine allowing us to design and customize any project.
  • The laser engraving etched your image deep into the surface of the wood to create a long lasting memory. This is a really awesome way to totally blow your recipient out of the water! They’ll be surprised how cool and custom their gift is.
  • You can send us any image and in most cases we can trace your image and even add it to any custom woodworking piece!
  • Get that special someone the gift you’ve always wanted to give them!
  • Custom engraved wedding gift cutting board

    Custom engraved cutting board for a wedding gift

  • We provide the design services for all our custom engraving services. Once you approve the design we proceed forward.
  • So, the time for bad gifts has sailed. It’s time to step it up and give a gift that will be truly one of a kind and totally unique.