eagle idaho wood countertopsWood countertops natural beauty are finding their way back to the kitchen decors. Mahogany House Woodworks offers custom wood countertops for Eagle, Idaho customers and clients.

The fact that you can have your custom wood countertops from inexpensive woods tailored according to your taste gives your kitchen a warm and amazing feeling.

The wood countertops can be revived and refinish it making it easier to maintain and budget-friendly surface. However, custom wooden countertops require frequent maintaining to ensure the surface lasts longer. Wood countertops can last for years so long as you give it a great finish and proper maintenance.

Styles and types of custom wooden countertops

Custom Woods countertop can be of hardwoods such as oak, maple, cherry or teak. The wood is assembled by stacking the cut stripes upon one another and glued together. The thickness varies depending on the use and location. There usually two types of styles that you can choose from;

Edge grain. Popular for the traditional countertop, it is smooth and cute in the kitchen. It has sleeker and long surfaces made up of wood place edge to edge. The edge grain is durable and is effective when cutting and safe for food preparation.

End Grain is thicker and durable. It is made up of wood arranged. The woods are rectangular in shape and one inch wide. Butcher blocks are in the form of end grain. However, end grain is not popular because they are expensive; they are also labor intensive.

Custom wood counter styles

  • Polished traditional: this style has a rich color and has marble backlash look
  • Organic classic: this unique counter embraces woods natural beauty
  • Modern cottage: has bright accents updated flair

Additionally, there is a variety of custom of wood countertops available such as American cherry edge grain, American cherry end grain, beech edge end grain, birch end grain, beech plank style, and ash plank style among others.

What to Shop For:

Solid wood. Avoid the type of wood such as particle board that when exposed o moisture they swell and are difficult to remove the stain. When you shop for custom wooden countertops, go for the ones with easy maintenance.

Correct measurement. Ensure you have the accurate measurement from your kitchen to ensure that you get exact pricing.

Limit gaps .the gaps between joint and wood strips should be minimal. Ensuring no further holes are opening up.

Surface Coating Options

You can coat the surface of custom wooden countertop by using a variety of options available to give your surface a fantastic look.

  1. Oil – You can go for mineral oil which makes the wooden countertop heat and stain resistant. You can also use Tung oil that does not peel off and hardens to form a protective surface.
  2. A blend of wax and oil – The composition of mineral oil and paraffin wax gives your surface another protective layer. The layer protects against moisture and is durable.
  3.  Clear coating – The clear coating includes urethane, or other curing oil finishes that help protect against water stains wear and safe for placing your food. However, during refinishing you will have to remove the coating.

Benefits of Custom Wooden Countertops

Provides variety: The wooden countertops rustic look and texture have made them popular in homes. There are several custom wooden countertops variety and color options. The wood variety such as oak and cherry offer unique qualities depending on the tree species you settle on. You can remodel your house with the look and style that you may want.

Durability: custom wooden Countertops are durable when sealed. The durability is essential when holding up everyday strains such as spills, cutlery and many more. Furthermore, if they are sealed, they become waterproof.

Wood is warm: Moreover wood provides a warm look and touch. Wood countertops can hold up the warmth in the kitchen. The surfaces give a welcoming feeling, and people want to stay longer in your kitchen. The wood is great at warming the kitchen.

Eco-friendly: Additionally, if you want to go green. Wood is environmentally friendly. You can make wood countertops from reclaimed materials hence conserving the environment.

Hygienic: custom Wood countertops can protect your home from bacteria as they are naturally hygienic due to their inherent protection.

Easy to repair: The wood countertops if they are to be damaged they can be fixed more easily. The damaged area can be sand away to remove the undesired marks to smoothen the surface.

Materials locally available: You can source for wood material locally as compared to other countertops. Wood is generally easier to find locally and thus cutting out costs. Therefore wood countertops are very cheap.

Cheap to maintain: Maintenance cost of wood countertops is very affordable. You need to do regular sealing, to protect them from water and other household liquids. Spills can also be easily be dried off.

How to Maintain Your Custom Wooden Countertops

Wooden countertops are the easiest to be maintained. You can repair your countertop and through regular oiling and sealing it gives your kitchen anew a sparkling look.

Apply oil regularly

To protect your wooden countertops from wear and tear, you should apply mineral or Tung oil on the wood surface. Oil is poured on the wood surface and allowed to soak. After that the oil is excess oil is rubbed off, leaving behind a durable and stain resistant wood countertops. Apply oil every once every year.

Wipe up spills quickly

There is a porous cell structure on the wood surface, encouraging spills to stain the countertops. Consequently, you are advised to wipe spills like wine, water, vinegar or another liquid to quickly wipe it off before they leak into the countertops.

Scrubbing off spills and scratches

Another alternative is to use natural stain removers and sanding. The light stains and scratches can be sanded out using sandpaper. After sanding, you apply the surfaces with oil. Other home stain removal such as lemon and salt for scrubbing.

Avoid cutting on the wooden countertops

You should embrace the use of chopping boards to avoid cutting on the countertops. The knife marks and scratches are more damaging to the countertops that you may know.

Use soap and water

Additionally to do away with the stains you should wash away the wood with soap and water. Washing helps to maintain the countertop and to increase to its durability.

Vinegar alert

You are to ensure cleaning vinegar spills immediately. Vinegar spills increase cracks on the surfaces increasing the likelihood of damages.

Fill the cracks with wax

Fill the open pores and cracks on the counter with wax. The wax helps protect the surface from spills that may seep into the open cracks. The wax application should be made once every two months.

Control the wood from warping

You should minimize the warp on your countertop not to ensure that it is usable. Keeping the humidity level at your countertop at a consistent level.

At Boise custom furniture you can find beautiful handmade custom wood countertops. You are offered a variety of woods to choose from search as walnut, Chery and custom blends. Moreover, the countertop is designed to meet your taste and preferences. The aim at Boise custom furniture is to achieve your tailored design.

Besides your countertop is to benefit from services such as custom engraving, custom grooves and many more. The use of cutting edge technology gives the custom wooden countertops a great finish. These features aim at making your custom wooden countertop to uniquely standout. Moreover, you are guaranteed a greater customer service as they listen to customers more closely. The choice of material for custom wood countertops making it last for many years to come.

Is custom wood countertops good for you?

Whether to go for custom wood countertops in Eagle, Idaho depends if you can put up with the maintenance of countertops and the look you want. Moreover, the custom wood countertops give you the monopoly on designing it according to your needs. Find out more about custom wood countertops and get a free quote!.